Can You Hear Me Now?

As outdated and cliché as that title may be at this point, it is completely relevent to what I’m about to write. I promise with all of my heart that I am not exaggerating anything that follows:

I begrudgingly went to class after work today, even though the professor wasn’t going to bother to show up. She warned us last week that she would be in California for a conference and would be unable to attend. She did, however, graciously arrange for us to watch an archaic documentary about the history of corruption in the Press in her absence. To ensure that we’d show up, what with the lack of supervision and/or the recording of attendance, she assigned a response paper with specific questions pertaining to the documentary. UGH.

So, I was already annoyed, walking into class when I sat down and was confronted by the most irritating situation of the day. A loud mouth ginger girl who obnoxiously announced to the class that she had a cat named Mumford (ooh…sooo trendy of her) was sitting in the middle of the room, chatting at an ear-splitting level on her cell phone. Class hadn’t started yet, but the vibe of the 6 or 7 people who were also sitting in the room was that of hushed irritance. Yes, irritance. Her monopoly of airspace in the classroom made me feel as if I was supposed to keep quiet so as not to interrupt. Throughout the course of her 15 minute conversation, I learned that she was an idiot, and also the following things:  

*She currently makes about $20 a day at her job and that really sucks because Mumford is really high maintenance. I mean, he has to be neutered on Friday, but it’ll probably be cheap because he’s a boy.

*Her friend is taking forever to graduate. I mean, she’s already like 22.

*Her other friend gets a “ton” of financial aid because her dad got hurt at work or something and now he gets…what’s that called?…oh, disability. Yeah, he gets that, so she gets a TON of financial aid.

*Direct quote: “I only have classes two days a week. It really saves on gas. Haha, as to oppose of last semester!” Uh. WHAT?!

I spent the majority of class glaring at the back of her ginger head. I hope she felt it.


2 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Bethany Leeuw says:

    You realize that you going to class was worth it to me after that story?

  2. bettiestamp says:

    Haha…I’m glad you could benefit from my pain.

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