Jersey Shore is going Abroad?

I heard this tid-bit on the radio on my way to work this morning: Jersey Shore has been picked up for a fourth season. Not only that, but apparently the producers/powers that be at MTV thought it would be a great idea to send the cast to Italy.

I enjoy watching Jersey Shore as much as the next mouth-breather, but I know that it is a guilty pleasure. Not something I am proud of and not something I wish to emulate. Snooks, J-Woww (bless her heart), Deena (I guess), Ron Ron, Sitch, Paulie, Vinnie and even Sammi (the worst person in the world) are not ideal ambassadors for the US. Everyone knows that Jersey “Guidos” are so far removed from actual European Italian culture that immersing them in it could only result in offensive hilarity. The cast of Jersey Shore is nothing more than a parody of the Italian culture. It’s almost as if MTV is sending a real life satirical cartoon to live in the middle of its subject. Well done.

I will most definitely watch the train wreck unfold next season, but I will be perched on my high horse at the time.

OH. And, I almost forgot. I heard (also on the radio) that Ronnie can’t even get a visa to do the show next season. The government won’t process a visa request for someone with unresolved legal problems. Ron was indicted for the assault charges against him after he knocked that guy out with one hit. You know what I’m talking about. Well, the producers feel that Ron is such an integral part of the show (really?) that they appealed to the Embassy to rush through the visa request. REALLY?!


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