Your Body Knows Before You Do

There has been a deluge of pregnancy-related advertising on TV recently. I don’t know if there are actually more commercials for pregnancy tests than ever, or if I’m only just now noticing them due to the ever-ticking biological clock, but I do know that they are ridiculous!

The First-Response ad in particular really annoys me. It opens with, “Your body knows you’re pregnant before you do.” Well yes. Yes it does. The thing about your body is that it has to complete a series of events before a pregnancy can happen. A pregnancy takes place inside your body…so it stands to reason that it would know. It’s too bad your body can’t give you hints like hanging on to some uteral lining or creating some yummy nausea. Good thing there’s First-Response! First-Response knows before you do too! You just have to have the foresight to go to the store, purchase a test and pee on a stick. So essentially, First-Response is marketing to women who are systematically tracking their ovulation and holding their legs in the air after sex. The women who take a PG test three days after a love fest.

Having had the sinking “wait, what’s the date today?” feeling, I realize that when something so scary (or wonderful…ok ok) happens you’ll want to ease your mind immediately. However, I’ve found that denial works just fine until Aunt Flo finally decides to make her glorious appearance. After all, the body knows before you do!


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