What’s That on the Horizon?

This morning I got off to a rough start (contrary to yesterday’s chipper Tigger-tittering phone calls) and for a few minutes I let it begin to ruin my day. I was irritated,  flustered and the eyebrow was on the rise. Literally.

Then, my good friend Nikki bedazzled me with little gems of hilarity left in my inbox and I started to smile.

Then, I remembered that NKOTBSB (Yes, New Kids on the Backstreet Boys) tickets go on sale soon. 

Then I received word that Glee Live (!) is coming to Chicago this summer, and you better believe I will be in attendance!

I am also going on vacation next month to (presumably) sunny Florida. The realization of which led me to remember that I will have to put on a…dun dun dun…bathing suit. I haven’t even shaved my legs in a month, let alone done any sort of bathing suit preparation. I’m scared! And so should the beach-combers of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida be. It will be disastrous.

In light of having to swaddle my rear in something water-retardent without creating mass destruction, I vowed to lose as much weight as possible during this one month. You heard me. One month. I (with the help of a friendly co-worker) got my hands on some meal-replacement shakes that I’ll be using for the month, and I am honestly (promise) going to try (try to try) to do some sort of physical activity in the wee hours of the morning/night. Whichever I find less stabby/rapey.

So what’s on the horizon, you ask? Hot boys on stages, big butts on beaches and one very grumpy Bettie for the month of February!


2 thoughts on “What’s That on the Horizon?

  1. Bethany Leeuw says:

    I hope you are still drinking beer in the month of February.

  2. bettiestamp says:

    Ideally no, but I think I could factor in one or two if you and Allison deem appropriate!

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