I successfully got my NKOTBSB tickets today, and I am definitely pumped about making another check mark on my “boyband bucket list”. The Backstreet Boys are the only object of teenage obsession I haven’t managed to see live yet. I saw N Sync a few times when they were actually relevent, and it was amazing because I still had that teenageness to justify my presence there. I saw New Kids On The Block when they were in Grand Rapids about two years ago, and it was amazing because I was old enough to drink and think of clever sayings to put on Tshirts. I saw Hanson this past summer and well, the drinking thing and the fact that they played at a small venue allowing me to strong-arm my way to the front made it amazing. So now BSB. Pumped!

The fact that I’m going to all of these boy band shows as an adult brings me to the explanation of my title. When I saw NKOTB last I was a total weirdo. I cried when Joe Mac sang “Please Don’t Go Girl”, I got overly excited when the guys ended up on a small stage RIGHT behind me and ended up injuring my leg when it got caught in the folding chair I was standing on, and worst of all, I turned into an ultra-creeper when I saw Donnie Wahlberg outside after the show. I honestly just grabbed on to his arm and stared at him while he talked to someone near me. I didn’t say one word. For about 30 seconds. Bless his heart he just smiled at me and continued on with his business. Apparently alcohol+teenage dreams+me=freak.

Since loving all things dreamy is in my DNA, it stands to reason that I’m having an internal conflict when it comes to the Bieber. I do adore him, and I find his music catchy and his little dimpled face charming…but his age makes me seem like MORE of a creeper. I’m not saying I want to do anything dirty to him, but the mere act of liking Justin Bieber makes me seem creepy. I thought about going to check out his “life story” when it opens at a theater near me, but I’m terrified that Chris Hansen is going to step out from the box office and ask me to have a seat!

“I was just bringing him some soda and cookies! He said he was lonely!”


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