I Have an Addiction.

Ok, in all honesty, I’m addicted to many things. Coffee, pretty shoes, mascara, pop culture, sarcasm…but there is one that has really monkeyed up all over my back this week. That little bastard is food.

You all read it earlier this week…I’m dieting. When I diet, I don’t just “cut back”…I go big or go home. Well, I suppose it would be “getĀ small or stay home”. I drastically cut calories because I don’t have time (and don’t like) to exercise. That means I only have two meal-replacement shakes during the day, a snack of raw veggies in the early evening before class, and then a salad with half a chicken breast when I get home at night. Yeah, you said it. STARVING! Not starving in the sense that I’m wasting away, but starving because my body is used to preservatives, fat, sugar, sodium…all the fun stuff! Nothing I’m eating is delicious or savory. Nothing is satisfying a nagging craving. I can handle these feelings while I’m at work. The constant onslaught of paint fumes and hazardous chemicals doesn’t really do a whole lot for the appetite (or the brain cells). And I’m usually fine sitting through my night classes as well. Except of course, when all I can smell is PIZZA!

I walked into one of my classes this week and I was feeling a little irritated because of the lack of food that day. I sat down and immediately noticed the distinct aroma of tomato and garlic. I quickly scanned the room but saw no food anywhere! It was somebody who had just been enjoying a delicious Italian concoction and I wanted it! I had begun to come to terms with the unknown pizza smell when the class took its nightly break. After a quick trip to the water fountain to refill my bottle I returned to the classroom to find one of the other students enjoying a bag of freshly popped microwave popcorn. DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THAT SMELLS?! I thought my head was going to explode. Since then, I have tried to reevaluate my priorities and come to terms that other people are allowed to eat near me. I guess.

Side Note:

As I was writing that last paragraph I realized how gross it sounds for me to have been salivating over someone who smelled like pizza. It made me reflect on a day not too long ago. A day at work when I noticed the smell of taco seasoning and inquired as to who might be enjoying the delicious Mexican snack. I was promptly informed that one of my coworkers had simply skipped their shower that morning and the intoxicatingly spicy aroma was indeed coming from their pores. I’ll just file that away as the “baseball” of my food fantasies!


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