What is the World Coming To?

Several things have been getting on my nerves this week, but no one thing has gotten far enough under my skin to result in an entertaining blog. There was the girl in class who spent 10 minutes meticulously tightening the laces on her snow boots, fruitless attempts at wit by various “class clowns” that did nothing more than throw the class off track for a few annoying seconds, and finally the situation that succeeded in eking out a blog from this exhausted brain of mine.

This subject has been festering and building in my mind for a while, but the time was finally right today. I needed a blog topic (A blopic?) and this needs to be said:

Going to concerts is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It combines the ability to be near celebrities, the appropriate setting for group singalongs and overpriced beer. All things I’m a fan of. Well, I’m a fan of complaining about overpriced beer and then buying it anyway. I love small venue shows, such as those at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, or various other small clubs I’ve been to over the years. These venues are all general admission and those who put in the time are rewarded with a few moments of eye contact, or perhaps a sweaty towel. At large venues, such as arenas, however…it is a MUCH different story.

Once upon a time, in a better world, those who waited in line overnight or mastered the fastest “refresh” hand in the land for online sales were able to get the seats that justify that kind of commitment. If you weren’t able to buy tickets, then you could always listen to your favorite radio station in hopes of winning a pair. Tickets given away by radio stations were usually GREAT seats, if not front row (not a random pair of nosebleeds as is now usually the case). Now, however, even if you erect a small tent-village for a few days outside of your local box office or camp out in front of your computer, flexing those fingers for “refresh”, you’re not getting a good seat. First come, first serve is no longer the way of concert tickets and I, for one, am heartbroken.

Brokers are ruining the world and humanity. They are buying up all of the good seats and then re-selling for atrocious prices. I don’t know how they’re able to get away with this legally, but it is frustrating as all hell. Now, Ticketmaster has started a “VIP” option where you can get guaranteed front row or similar tickets, if you’re willing to pay $400 apiece (minimum). I wouldn’t pay $400 to see The Beatles intact, right now. (Ok…so I would if I had it, but you get my point). How are the average fans supposed to get near their favorite artists? WE CAN’T! That is why when recycled boybands come back around, their backstage/front row area looks more like “4H goes out on the town” rather than a representation of their regular fans. The only people who can afford these (and are willing to pay) are the crazed, rabid fans who would bid their college tuition on that precious lock of Justin Bieber’s hair.

Injustice, I tell you! I say we come together and demand retribution for these lost opportunities. Down with brokers and the illusion of VIP! We need a resurgence of tent-cities and all night singalongs! Ticketmaster and associated brokers (I’m talking to you, StubHub), just say no to over-inflated sales and help a sister out! You dirty bastards.


2 thoughts on “What is the World Coming To?

  1. BIGL says:

    Amen to you Sista!
    Even camping out directly at an arena will get you nosebleed seats. WHY? Well, it’s because the creeper van with that bald guy in shiny shoes & a wad of cash simply keeps adding to his 1 space in line with 15 youngsters getting enough cash to rent a video game they’ve been dying to play! When you were 4th in line when you started you now become 24th and the bald guy gets another pair of shiny shoes with his profits!
    BUT!, you can always go on-line as you stated so eloquently & find tickets so out of your price range that the sale of your 1st born will barely cover it!
    Hi-Speed Internet? How many variables of speed there must be to actually permit someone on the computer to miss out on 12,000 decent seats when they excitedly waited for 10 minutes for 10:00am to arrive, only to see it then pass by & no ticket available for their HI-Speed Internet access capabilities!
    UGH! Give me the days when I worked on 2 hours of sleep ’cause I stayed overnight to get that elusive Bon Jovi ticket and could still afford the Road Trip for that Wanted Dead or Alive night!

  2. nikkigsblog says:

    The REAL reason I got into radio– so I could steal the good seats! LOL

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