The Prodigal Blogger Returns

It has been about a week since I last blogged and I am deeply sorry if I let anyone in the blogosphere down. I was extremely busy spending money. It is, after all, my duty as an American to stimulate our struggling economy and I am nothing if not patriotic. (Please note the sarcasm in that last sentence, I beg of you).

It is tax refund season which means single twenty-somethings like myself get to pretend we have a dispensable income for a couple of months. For most of the year I live pretty modestly (save for the “shoe of the month” club I can’t seem to shake) but once that tax refund comes, my taste for the “finer things” takes over. (*Note: When I say “finer things” I am using that term very loosely. I am aware that nothing I am able to buy is indeed that upper crust.) In the past month I have been able to book a vacation to Florida, get last-minute Lady Gaga tickets (best money I’ve ever spent), get pre-sale NKOTBSB tickets, feed my online shopping addiction and as of this past weekend spend an entire day (literally 12 hours) out and about drinking in Grand Rapids.

Saturday’s day drinking festivities turned into dinner and drinks festivities, which then turned into cigars and red wine at Chophouse and of course, the evening finished at the classier of all the places, The Triangle. Nothing says Saturday like a full 12 hours of alcohol consumption. We were able to turn a dive bar on the West Side into a Justin Bieber dance party. That takes skill that only 12 consecutive hours of drinking away shame and inhibitions can provide.

So there you have it. I have been too busy having fun and making it rain to get annoyed by anything enough to weave a blog from it. I apologize. I will put my cynic hat back on just as soon as I return from my mini-vacay on the Gulf Coast. I promise. I’ve been slacking on my pimping, and it’s time to turn it up.


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