Oh Brother!

As I sat in my office listening to the antics of a particular co-worker a thought occurred to me: Was I coddled because I didn’t have a “live-in” brother growing up?

As a kid, I was always so baffled by the behavior some of my friends would put up with from their brothers. On long car rides a certain friend would simply sit there and let her brother override everything we wanted to listen to on the radio for his offensive and repulsive choices. Other friends over the years have appalled me by accepting the incessant grossness, rudeness and just plain ridiculosity of their male siblings and I always just watched with my mouth agape. I couldn’t even imagine having to live a life surrounded by disgusting boys with a sense of entitlement, hell-bent on making my life miserable.

Now, however, I can’t help but think that if I was conditioned at an early age to “deal with” adolescent boys and their primate-like behavior, I’d be better equipped and less irritable when faced with those who haven’t figured out how to grow up. The co-worker who helped me open this blog is in his late 30’s but seems to have all the personality traits of a 13-year-old boy. He needs attention constantly and apparently prefers to get it by using the age-old tricks of middle school. He mocks, picks on and just plain annoys anyone he comes in contact with and doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with that behavior. He is constantly humming, making strange noises or obnoxiously swinging his legs, tapping his feet, snapping or clapping. I don’t think I can take much more. I am honestly about to snap! (No, not my fingers…)

With that being said, if I go missing for an extended period of time I beg you, dear readers, check accesskent.com for my mug shot because it means I have given in to my urges and stabbed him in the temple. I’ll need bail money as well so maybe you should all start putting a little away each…hour. I was going to say days, but at the rate everything is going today it might not take that long.

In closing I’d like to tell all men, as cliché as it sounds, please just leave us alone for this one week a month! Please!  For your own safety and my sanity. Just stop it! Or I’m telling.


2 thoughts on “Oh Brother!

  1. BigL says:

    O Brother Where art thou?
    Consider the lessons of brotherhood missed… a mixed blessing of sorts….Brothers are much like boyfriends & husbands…you can’t possibly know how irritating they are until you have one, nor how much you miss those antics until they’ve been suddenly lost.
    Grab a cocunut Twix & a Mimosa and be thankful for your opportunity to Blog your angst away!

  2. bettiestamp says:

    Haha…betcha can’t guess who I’m talking about…”the lesser twin” is SUPER annoying today!

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