Hello again blogosphere! I must apologize for my extended absence from the world of forcing my every thought down your collective throat.

I’m back in full effect. And by full effect I mean I’m at an undesirable crossroads in my life (possibly). As my former loyal readers know, I have not been the best example of a student this past decade (gasp–decade?!). I started out my college career with a crash and burn and I’ve made a stream of ill-thought decisions since. As a result of those decisions and a new ruling by GVSU, I have been asked to submit an appeal to the Financial Aid office in hopes of maintaining my eligibility for the winter semester and beyond. If my powers of persuasion and my way with rhetoric don’t win them over, it could be the end of the degree-seeking road for this blogger. In light of this possibility, I’ve been wondering what on earth I’ll do with myself in lieu of this silly dream of writing and editing.

I could fall back on my childhood plan of simultaneously fielding a law career, dancing backup for NSYNC and peddling my fashion wares on all the hottest runways. That seems doable.

I could hop on a pole somewhere called “In the Thick” or “Big Momma’s House” and cash in on my overflowing assets.

I could whore myself out on the internet and submit to the onslaught of “SEO EXPERTS WANTED” ads, forgetting what real writing is like.

I could do the unthinkable. I could snag myself a man. The very thing I sarcastically suggest to people I think can’t make their own way in life. But, I guess that brings me back to option 2.

As per usual, blogosphere, I’m open to suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Passe-bilities

  1. BigL says:

    No peddling of your wares… on a pole or a street corner! Try out for Project Runway! I think they have an NSYNC challenge in the future! Your designs on Justin Timberlake’s wares!

    Oh, and study!!!! EVEN YOUR SCIENCES!

  2. Bob says:

    Awesome blog relevant to your ability to self – analyze lifes cumbersome challenges. Your writing is so entertaining and simply put, way too funny! Keep up the great work and don’t stop chasing whatever it is that you’re seeking.

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