Me and Honey Boo Boo Child

Honey Boo Boo Child and I are basically the same person. Kindred spirits. Ok, so that’s not true at all, but I did experience a little of what she must feel like after drinking her “Go Go Juice”. I’ve discovered that red wine is my own version of “Go Go Juice”. When I drink it, I feel as if I could and should say yes to everything that’s suggested. Even when I have to work in the morning and have no business staying out and/or bar hopping. If someone says, “I want to sing karaoke”, I’m in. I’ll trek my chunky butt all over town in my 5-inch stilettos because hey, I’ve got my “Go Go Juice”. And you know what they say, “My ‘Go Go Juice’ gon’ make me wiiin”.

Uh uh, Honey Boo Boo Child!

In another giant stretch of the word “same”, we are just that. She’s shooting to fame and success faster than her little hands can form her belly into a fleshy donut for the judges. She’s getting paid to act like a complete psycho and sure, we’ll call that success. Today, I got two pieces of great news and I’m floating pretty high on them. I’m counting that as “shooting to fame and success” because it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get. Me and Honey Boo Boo Child. You better “red-neck-ognize”.

What a classy little lady

Admittedly, the first two paragraphs are a shameless bid for google searches and new readers. Hey, it works. My two pieces of good news are pretty cool though, so I’ll share. My sister and I entered a “sweepstakes” to win a trip to Nashville to the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival to see Zac Brown Band perform and to meet the band. It was one of those radio show contests that you enter and then forget about, never expecting anything to come of it. Well, my sister won. She actually won the trip. We’re flying to Nashville next month for three nights to hang out with the festival-goers and Zac Brown Band. I am ecstatic. I love that band and I love free things.

LOVE them.

I also found out that my hoop-jumping for GVSU has paid off and my appeal for financial aid was approved. I’ll be back in school in the fall (at the end of the month) but I’m only going two nights a week this time. Hopefully it’ll allow me to retain some of my sanity and keep my wits about me. I need my wits and if you’re reading this I’m sure you appreciate them as well. Hopefully.

So, yay for me and yay for Honey Boo Boo Child. May her success earn her enough money to pay for any trips to rehab and/or bail her out of jail. Her presence in both is an absolute certainty.


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