Damn the Man. Save the Empire!

Anyone who’s anyone can tell you that local businesses or “mom & pops” are SO in right now. Corporations are the devil and small shops owned by friends and neighbors are amazing. If you didn’t think that before, I’m urging you to trust my words on this in particular.

I won’t name drop in this blog because I don’t want to get anyone in (more) trouble but I am pretty irritated. A certain “corporate” salon has been bullying friends of mine who are trying to make it as entrepreneurs and more independent stylists.

I already raved about my new hair studio and this is a continuation of that rave. Having just gotten fabulized there last evening, my ire is fresh and I felt I needed to share. Most salons require their stylists to sign a non-compete contract upon hire. Obviously they’d like to retain clients and discourage stylists from building up a following and peacing out. I get it. However, is that realistic? No, I’m telling you, it isn’t.

I choose a stylist, not a salon. On the rare occasion I can trust my scalp to more than one girl at a place, I may keep a stylist on “hair-mergency retainer”. (For the record, the owner of this new studio is the only other girl I trusted with my head besides my current stylist at the old salon). If I show up for my regular 6-week appointment and they escort me to the chair of someone I’ve never seen (or approved) before, I’m walking out. I refuse to let some crispy blonde touch my head and I’m sure most women feel the same (about feeling comfortable with your stylist, not the crispy part). I would feel worse cheating on my stylist than a boyfriend. It’s a bond that can only be broken by accidental bangs or a sliced ear. And even those are forgivable for the right stylist.

Your stylist knows about that weird cowlick and that you think your ears are creepy. She knows you hate anything “cookie cutter” and that you’re just not a “poofy” girl. Clearly, when she leaves her place of business you will follow her to her new destination. It’s nothing personal, mega-salon. It’s just hair-business! So stop being a jerk and leave those poor girls alone. It’s hard out there for a pimp. I’m sure you can just air another pink commercial and you’ll get all the salon-clients you can wish for to come running for your pink doors. They’ll revel in the Katy Perry blasting from the speakers and take any pink chair you offer. They probably won’t tip well because there isn’t a relationship there, but hey…at least you didn’t let the little guys have them! Congrats!

So, in closing, damn the man! Save the Empire! Stick with your stylists if they know their way around your head. It’s a valuable relationship that can’t be threatened by legalese and paperwork.

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One thought on “Damn the Man. Save the Empire!

  1. BigL says:

    As someone who sports the hair to match her Junk in the Trunk Booty (thick), I cannot leave my tresses in the random scissors of just any beauty school drop-out. Once I find someone who can tame the beastly mane, I must follow them wherever they go! I thought this was a natural progression and to hear that it can have negative ramifications on those making their own way in life makes me feel as though I am not living Free. STOP the MADNESS! Finally, Pink is my favorite color, but that decor won’t get my hair cut, colored & styled to perfection now will it?

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