The End is Nigh

In case you haven’t heard, the world is going to end next Friday. I mean, like, duh. The Mayans got it right when they started that whole gold teeth trend (that’s a trend, right?) and they’ll get it right again. Still need convincing?


I just wanted an excuse to put up more pictures of Adam "Sexyhips" Levine

I just wanted an excuse to put up more pictures of Adam “Sexyhips” Levine

Just look at the pop songs that are out currently. Ke$ha knows we’re all going to die young. One Direction suggests we all live while we’re young. Rihanna thinks she’s going to evaporate into a diamond in the sky but Chris Brown would prefer if she didn’t wake him up for it. Maroon 5 insists there’s only one more night, and then reiterates that point by explaining that when the daylight comes, they’ll have to go. I can only assume they’re speaking about the 22nd of December. Because, well, I always assume that pop songs relate directly to my life and the lives of those around me. If Ke$ha, America’s sweetheart, tells me I’m going to die young, well gosh darnit I believe her.

So innocent and pure

So innocent and pure

Finally, I know the world is ending soon because I recently found myself enjoying, loving even, the newest Nicki Minaj song. Hell must be freezing over if I’m even admitting to listening to one all the way through, so yeah. I’m pretty sure One Direction has a lock on the inside info this time around. We’re goners. Let’s take their advice and get some while we’re young and alive.

They're just camping...and they brought a couch...

They’re just camping…and they brought a couch…

I, for one, plan to go out in style. With that va-va-voom, voom.


3 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Ash-hole says:

    Between the end of the world and One Direction telling kids to “Live while we’re young”, there may be a lot of unplanned teenage pregnancies 9 months from now. Also, you forgot YOLO.

    PS: Next time we camp, we’re bringing a couch!

  2. bettiestamp says:

    Oh, I didn’t forget. I just refuse to acknowledge that stupid saying.

  3. BigL says:

    Adam Levine is pictured in your Blog…..What was it about?….

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