It’s Britney, B*tch

Ok, so it’s not Britney. But I am making a comeback not unlike the once-upon-a-time-teen-queen.

I recently learned that school is no longer an option for me. I have exhausted my government loans and my past lives have rendered me unlendable via private institutions, so I can’t pay for tuition any more. I’m a pseudo-graduate with only 20 credits left to go. It’s a shame but I’m trying not to spiral into a bottomless pit of depression because that pit will only hold greasy french fries and piles of chocolate and without school to keep me busy in the evenings I’m bound to balloon to a sexy 500 lbs in no time. Instead of wallowing in blubber, I’m telling myself to capitalize on this newfound free time. Like the mid-90s Irish girl group, B*Witched once said, “Say you will, say you won’t…C’est la vie”. I don’t actually know what “c’est la vie” means, but I suspect it’s something like “carpe diem”. So that’s what I’m going to do. Carpe the diem and c’est the vie.

I’m going to get out of my apartment and do things. I’m going to have new experiences so that I can write about them instead of leaving this blog empty and echoing for months at a time. Wouldn’t that be fun? It would. You’ll like it. I do still have a few weeks left of this semester, although I’m finding it hard to get motivated to work at anything since it’s all pointless in the end. After that, it’s go time. And it’s Britney, bitch.


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