Background Noise

Oh hi there. I’m Bettie. (Not really, but I’ve always loved those classic 50’s housewife names, haven’t you?) I’m 27 years old and stuck in that age-old “transitional” period of my life. You know the one. Crappy entry-level job, crappy house/apartment, crappy car, GREAT shoes, mad dash for that bachelor’s degree I neglected about 5 years ago…the usual.

This blog will mostly contain rants and ramblings about things that baffle or annoy me throughout the day. Sounds fun, huh? I’m not one of those “soap box” aficionados, so you don’t have to worry about any political or religious ravings. I am just easily irritated. And I like to turn things like that into humor so I can more easily deal with them.

Enjoy the fruit of my annoyance!


2 thoughts on “Background Noise

  1. GypsyWhim says:

    Hey there Miss Bettie! You are definitely a born writer. I have read several of your pieces and, OMG! — what personality! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style and your creative slants. Can’t wait to read more of you (you know, cause I assume after you get that degree, you’ll be lining the shelves of Barnes and Noble — or at least, I hope you will!) Take care now, GypsyWhim (a.k.a Amy Almonds from Irish Fiction and Intro to Creative Writing)!

  2. Loc says:

    Met you at gardellas on Tuesday. You were right, you’re very snarky! Haha

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